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Hey! I'm Zaina Rai, but you can call me Zay,


Hairstyling has always had my growing interest; I did my first braid at the age of five with no lessons or coaching! 


I took it upon myself to learn more and was beyond dedicated to do so. I quickly learned basic hair care and later got further advanced. I started self-educating on everything I needed to know to protectively style, braid and handle natural hair.

At age twelve, I knew one day I would be one of Madison's well known beauty advocates, stylists, entrepreneurs and educators. My vision was clear, and I was determined.


In high school hairstyling/braiding became an extra stream of revenue. After I graduated, I worked six jobs to give myself some cushion to start my business, and in 2013 Beauty Your Way was established and growing quickly. 

Foundation is key, and Beauty Your Way was constructed on a very solid goal. I didn't only want to promote my skills, but to teach and educate my community on the importance of our natural hair and the beauty in it.

A couple years later I started lashing and offering hair and skin care products to complete your beauty routine, making me a one-stop shop for your beauty needs!

From lashes and lashing services to hairstyling and skin care products, I can help you achieve your beauty goals!

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