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*4oz bottle can last 4-6+ months*


How to use: A little goes a long way. Apply to scalp with dropper and massage in for a few seconds. If your hair isn't in a protective style then also drop some in the palm of your hair and get those ends!


If you do not oil your hair or scalp regularly, start by using daily for the first couple weeks then you can go down to 2-3 times a week.


Do not over oil. Pay attention to how your scalp and hair absorb the oil. If you over oil your hair you can clog your hair follicles.


Hair and scalp benefits:

Prevents protein loss, Revitalise and strengthens hair, Helps increase blood flow and circulation in the scalp, Reduces flakiness and itching, Prevents breakage, Prevents damage, Treats hair and scalp issues, Stimulates hair growth, Protects hair and scalp, Rich in Vitamin b, C and E, Hydrates both hair and scalp, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Reduces dandruff, Nourishes damaged hair follicles, Promotes thickness, Prevents hair loss, Reduce split ends, Increasing shine and softness, Prevents premature graying and the list goes on!


Not sure what your porosity is? Click here to find out

Hair & Scalp Growth Potion

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