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Product Questions

Sugar & Sea salt body polish

My all natural sugar scrub / sea salt scrubs are used for great exfoliation of dead/dry skin, repairing and moisturizing. Each one has it's own specific benefits you can find in the description of each product. All help clear and prevent acne, naturally balances the pH levels, has anti-aging properties, and gives your skin a soft radiant glow leaving you naturally moisturized. 

What is Legendary Growth?

It's a combination of natural oils that are amazing for all-over hair health, as well as promoting hair growth. Ingredients used are known to increase blood flow when massaged into scalp, promote hair thickness, promote new hair growth and extreme repair.

What is lash & brow growth system?

My lash and brow growth oil is a combination of several natural oils that are known to promote hair growth and new hair growth.. Step 1 is for the morning and step 2 is before bed. If you wear strip lashes you should wait until they're off to use the growth oil.

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