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Updated: Aug 19

Tonight (8/17) for medium knotless at 4pm

Saturday 19th for medium knotless at 5pm

Sunday 20th for medium knotless at 3pm

Monday 21st for small knotless at 3pm

Tuesday 22nd for small knotless at 1:30pm

Wednesday 23rd for medium knotless at 1pm

Thursday 24th for small or medium knotless at 1pm

Friday 25th for large knotless at 6pm

Sunday 27th for small or extra small knotless at 10am

Monday 28th for large knotless at 10am

Tuesday 29th for medium or large knotless 10am or 5pm

Text 608 719 3338 with the date you want along with name

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For after hour appointments (starting at 6pm) please text 719 3338 with your name, desired style, date & time. I will accept or deny. Also, hours have been updated until I find a full time regular ass

This blog is where I will post day to day if I have last minute openings or if someone cancels their appointment. Always check back for the latest updates.

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