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Offered courses
Get into the art of braiding & lashing..


Learning the art of braiding can be an exciting hobby or a promising career choice!

I'm here to help you achieve your needs, weather that means learning for your own personal use, to find employment or to start your own business.

Browsing the internet on "how to braid" can be overwhelming and unfortunately can sometimes be misinforming. I'm offering one-on-one in person and virtual learning options.

To ensure you learn everything you need to know about how to become a protective braider, I've put together very detailed training classes that you can't find anywhere else. From natural hair care to advanced braiding, I can educate you on everything you need on your journey, plus you get a mentor for life!

I've even put together a business class for those wanting to grow a successful business in the art of braids or as an entrepreneur (COMING SOON!)

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